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Business Analysis
once off
Give your business or home an IT checkup
Assess current equipment
Advise future proofing and upgrade options.
Written report on information provided
Options for communications streamlining - phones and internet
More Information
Full reinstall all software
back up data
reinstall operating system
restore data
reinstall other software as required
More information / prepay
Virus removal / Tune up
Clean up your computer. remove trojans and hijackers.
Remove trojans and remote access software
Update windows and security programs
Letter for bank if required
Check general operation / service computer
More information / prepay
Desktop hardware upgrade
$65+ part
upgrade minor components in a desktop PC
ram, video card
dvd drive
2nd Hdd
Power supply replacement
Enquire instore.
Insurance Quote
Quote for damaged computers for insurance company
Quote on damaged units for insurance
must be paid in advance
On Site Service
Initial Call out fee with 45 minutes onsite
Onsite first 45 mins
We come to you
includes call out fee
Pre Pay initial fee
On Site Service 15 mins
Add on extra time onsite
Extra time onsite
We come to you
Pre Pay extra time onsite.